BREAL Business Certainty

BREAL Business Certainty

If you are running with one or two asset-based lending (ABL) transactions a year, there is a proven and successful alternative to having to take on your own facility management team – BREAL Business Certainty Ltd.

BREAL Business Certainty’s highly experienced ABL specialists offer the benefit of 165 years combined experience, with 22 years working together as a cohesive team. A team that shares your vision and understands your perspective and a team has managed European and US Asset Based lenders with commitments of over $2Bn.

We can support you by taking on any deal, at any stage, from enquiry right the way across the entire transaction landscape, including term sheet, valuation, legal, completion, portfolio and exit:

  • Evaluation leading to structured solutions;
  • Modelling and pricing with critical industry standards;
  • Collateral due diligence and asset valuation by leading players;
  • Using a trusted specialist panel of legal advisors;
  • World-leading asset based lending systems, showing daily borrowing base and collateral;
  • Management and reporting using bespoke monitoring;
  • Access to the best operational, valuation,legal and audit expertise;
  • All asset classes covered across a plethora of jurisdictions as required;
  • Managed exits through new lender introductions, purchasers, MBOs or restructuring.

BREAL Business Certainty can also provide:

  • On-site assistance to improve sales ledger performance and processes to ensure improved debt turn and dispute resolution;
  • Advising companies on best practice for new/existing Asset Based Lending facilities;
  • Full sales ledger administration and collections facility.